DirectFit T5 LED Tubes

Our DirectFit T5 LED tube integrates an LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. The T5 LED tube is the next generation of energy saving LED solutions. Installation is as easy as 123 and will instantly start working right after installation. With no noise or flickering when turned on, no UV, no lead, it is the kind of light that you surely need for your premises.

This T5 LED tube has a low constant current drive that helps ensure its long lifespan and low light decay which means hazard free. It saves energy up to 70%; therefore, lower maintenance cost and economical.

Due to the very high efficiency of these T5 LED tubes and its internal driver, they are a perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps and require no rewiring or external drivers to be fitted. The chosen materials and high grade components assure very good heat dissipation and a long lifespan. The rotatable end caps include a fine scale providing a stylish look and allow for flexible and easy installation.

These T5 LED tubes contain no harmful materials such as mercury or argon and they do not emit UV or IR light.


Our T5 LED tube is a direct replacement for the traditional T5 fluorescent tube with no driver to replace.