Audi Approved Aylesbury - Case Study

Audi Approved Aylesbury - Case Study

Energy Savings


Annual Cost Savings


Cost Savings Over Life of Lamps


Annual Energy Savings

6,797kWh h

Return on Investment

19 Months

CO2 Savings


The new Lightsave LED magnetic balast tube fixtures are expected to provide annual energy savings of more than 6,797 kWh, which translates to more than £896.00 in yearly cost savings, compared to the old lighting. Additional savings are found through diminished maintenance needs, calculated at around £40.00 annually, due to the rated 50,000-hour life of the Lightsave LED fixtures, compared to a rated 15,000-hour life of the T8 florescent tubes. Also managing better lighting and with a pay back in monetary terms of 19 months.


As a company, we are always looking to save energy on all company sites, workshop and showrooms which account for the majority of our energy cost. After initial discussions with the Jardine Management, they chose Audi Aylesbury workshop as a good example to monitor the performance of the Lightsave LED magnetic balast tubes.


Jason Scott Senior Energy Manager carried out the energy audit which concluded the need for LED lighting to meet required lighting levels set by Audi.

As part of the commitment to reduce energy consumption and its direct carbon footprint The Jardine Group commissioned the work at Audi Aylesbury to make the leap from traditional lighting to the latest LED technology. The service workshop chose the LED magnetic balast tube because of the 135 Lmns per watt output and cost base.

Replacing the old 6ft florescent T8 tubes with Lightsave LED’s 6ft magnetic balast tubes together with a 5yr warranty and a life expectancy of 50,000hrs has achieved an 800 lumins level in the workshop and provided an energy saving of £896.00 per year. Maintenance has now been reduced and the overall light quality in the workshop area is greatly improved.

The light levels averaged from 426 Lux to 478 Lux, Audi Aylesbury insisted on achieving minimum 550 Lumins per watt and the achievement is 800 Lumins which is far better than expected.

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