DWF LLP - Case Study

DWF LLP - Case Study

Dwf LLP are one of the leading companies occupying office space in Spinningfields Manchester..

After an initial meeting with DWF facilities manager regarding upgrading the office lighting the options where limited.

With the office having a bespoke fitting Whitecroft 750m X 750m recessed unit. Fitted with 2 X 24w fluorescent tubes, the options where limited to retro fitting rather the new units was the way forward.

Lightsave LED T5 Plug and Play LED 8w 600m tube fitted the bill, this tube boasts a market leading driver fitted within the T5 tube so it was a simple job of swapping the existing fluorescent tubes and installing new LED tubes.

The result was much improved lux levels from 186lx to 360lmn with no glare, and reducing the energy consumption by 65%.     

The premises now benefit from much more improved look, customers are greeted by a warm friendly ambiance combined with a clinical cleanliness. The smart flicker free LED T5 tubes provided by Lightsave LED have brought these premises up to date.


DWF LLP LED Lighting Project

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