Early Match Ltd - Case Study

Early Match - Case Study

Energy Savings


Annual Cost Savings


Cost Savings Over Life of Lamps


Annual Energy Savings


Return on Investment

27 Months

CO2 Savings


The new Lightsave LED Module Highbay fixtures are expected to provide annual energy savings of more than 9,360 kWh, which translates to more than £85.83 in monthly cost savings or £1,030 each year compared to the old lighting. Additional savings are found through diminished maintenance needs, calculated at nearly £250 annually, due to the rated 50,000-hour life of the LS fixtures compared to a rated 20,000-hour life of metal halides.

Early Match Ltd to save £1,030 each year with Lightsave LED


Earlymatch has traded over 30 years producing components for many different industries. Today we specialise in the furniture and building sector. Earlymatch has various copy lathes including a barley twist lathe. The most recent machine can turn components up to 2000 mm long. Automatic rotary knife machines are used daily producing high volume, high definition components for mainstream manufacturers.

The business looked to improve its energy use because the lights are always on. So, when its leadership realized it was time to replace the existing Sodium 440w Sodium High Bay lighting, the easy choice was to use a Lightsave LED Module Highbays.


Plant Manager Paul Roberts was motivated to replace the old lighting 44w Sodium high bays with more energy-efficient fixtures that would create a consistent look in the plant, while reducing energy and maintenance needs. Senior Lighting Consultant Mike Stephens, with Lightsave LED, provided a detailed analysis and comparison of LED light fixtures, including their wattage, efficiency and annual energy cost.

One fixture came out on top: Lightsave 150w module high bay light fixture, which has a superior efficiency of 137 lumens per watt, with a Meanwell Driver and Cree Chips. The Sodium lighting was replaced in 2016 with Lightsave LED module high bay light fixtures. LS lumen packages were used in the facility to best suit the ceiling heights, which ranged from 6mts to 8mts.

The light levels averaged from 135lux to146 Lux, and now we reached 497 Lumins. We’re noticing that people are more enthusiastic because of the brighter environment.” Paul Roberts, Early Match Ltd Plant Manager.

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