Manchester Arena | SMG Europe - Case Study

Manchester Arena | SMG Europe - Case Study

SMG Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMG, the worldwide leader in venue management, operating from the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom.

The Manchester Arena has seen a lot of work carried out recently, Lightsave LED was contacted by the facilities manager with a view to replacing all the toilet lighting. After an initial survey it was clear the toilets where unevenly lit and in need of an upgrade. 

Using our in-house design team, we undertook a design to achieve a more ambient lighting level throughout, Lightsave LEDrecommended the 600X600 LED Panel.

After trialling Lightsave LED Market leading 26w Led Panel in one of the blocks it was decided to go with this panels for the whole toilet areas. Along with a 300X300 Lightsave LED panels for the communal areas.

The results were amazing not only were the toilets a lot brighter, the energy savings where in keeping with The Manchester Arena schedule. 

The new lighting solution provided energy savings, reliability, flexibility and compiled with the latest health & safety standards. Not only will this save them thousands on lighting costs and greatly reduce the need to replace broken tubes.

Manchester Arean Logo | LED lighting project

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