Turbo Precision Components - Case Study

Turbo Precision Components - Case Study

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Turbo Precision Components (TPC) is a specialist CNC sub-contractor for low to medium volume, precision engineered components..

The problem

Having just overseen the new implication of quality control Turbo turned their attention to the lighting on the shop floor which was a shocking 178lux, the old high bay 440w units did not provide adequate lighting.

Turbo Precision Engineers Team appointed Lightsave LED as the M&E electrical building services designers and carried out an exercise to compare the cost of the LED lighting installation to a more traditional approach using fluorescent and metal halide lighting. The capital expenditure was higher for LED but it needed investigating as they operate 24hrs 5 days.


The Solution

After an initial meeting with David the shop floor manager Lightsave LED commissioned a new lighting design and Audit using our award winning 150w Sky Bay, the results confirmed the energy savings could be up to 65% with a payback within 2yrs. 

After fitting 180 units Lightsave LED 150w Sky Bays the results are amazing with levels of 578 lmn in operating areas with 398 lmn in other areas.

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