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We are an LED lighting developer, manufacturer and supplier of LED light fittings and fixtures.

We provided technical expertise and lighting solutions for a wide range of applications focusing on the commercial and retail sectors.

LED lights have many advantages over conventional lighting sources, they use much less electricity, they last considerably longer, LED’s run much cooler and they require little or no maintenance.

Lightsave LED principally work to develop new LED schemes in conjunction with retailers, large scale storage and distribution centres, warehousing and industrial manufacturing.
Our company strives to deliver energy savings and design lighting improvement schemes. Combining attractive energy saving technologies with simple but elegant technical solutions.
Typically our first point of contact might be the facilities management team or the electrical maintenance staff to discuss requirements and to develop a strategy going forward.


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Why switch to LED?


In the course of meeting our new clients to discuss matters of saving energy, many interesting statistics arise. The cost or equipment rental for example, cited by one potential retailer as £900,000.00 per year, just on lifting equipment, brings home the true cost of maintenance.

LED lighting significantly reduces the cost of maintenance, principally due to the extraordinary lamp life characteristics of LED’s. These compact cool running devices have continuous lamp lives of greater than 50,000 hours, they rarely need cleaning and keep their colour rendering for most of the lamp life.

True Wattage.

Discharge lighting, be it Fluorescent, Metal Halide, Son T or Sodium lamps all have several negative features in common. They are not as cheap to run and maintain as first imagined. They waste energy in the form of power factor, and it is not possible to predict imminent failure.

LED’s use half the energy of any other type of lamp, they do not waste energy in Pf and their predictable lifetime and behaviour allows for a more sensible attitude to planned maintenance.

Colour Performance.

LED’s offer unrivalled colour renditions! They can be used in a wide variety of applications, have a wide range of colour temperatures to suit food and vegetable colouring, and of course work well in cold environments like chiller cabinets and fridges.

Colour temperature is an overlooked area of commercial lighting and good colour renditioning can improve sales and elongate the life of some foodstuffs.

Lightsave have worked with many customers from large established businesses to start-up ventures.