Ideal for most commercial premises

Our LED Slim Panel lights are available in all regular sizes which makes them ideal for most commercial premises. Thanks to optional frames they can be installed on-or-in most ceiling types. Due to high grade components our panels reach a high efficiency and provide a perfectly homogeneous illumination. All panels are supplied with a driver and are ready to be wired into the mains for a quick and easy installation.

The panels are built in a robust frame that provides excellent cooling abilities. The frame comes in powder coated white. Since the coating is done after the frame-assembly the corners are perfectly closed and covered. The design of the frame is suitable for most office and school environments, hallways and corridors. It was designed to minimize glaring and reflections on the work surface, avoiding visual discomfort to meet highest office standards.

LED lighting 5 year warranty
LED panel light diagram
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Optional Mean well driver and flicker free driver

CRI 90 Ra available upon request

1-10V dimmable and DALI available

Emergency power supplies available

Microwave motion sensor available

Suspension kits and mounting frames are available

Zigbee is available

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slim Profile

Save 50-70% on energy costs

Instant start, maintenance free

Free from mercury and other hazourdous material's

Long life - 50,000 hours

Even light distribution on walls and ceilings

3 & 5 Year warranty

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Areas of Application

Office environments

Worksites for color-checking or quality control





LED panel light sizes

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