Modern and stylish LED Street light

Modern Streetlights play a vital role when it comes to the safety and security on our streets, in parks and in urban areas. Our LST68 Streetlight was designed to contribute to these aspects while still being affordable and without compromising on light quality or energy efficiency. During daytime the aesthetic yet unobtrusive design will perfectly blend-in while during dark hours its full long-lasting potential will unfold and illuminate where safety and security are essential.

A wide wattage range from 20W to 150W, lenses for different beam angles and a suitable selection of slip-fitters for different pol sizes guarantee the right setup for most areas of application. If needed a quick maintenance flap allows fast and easy access to the driver compartment. Optional daylight and motion sensors potentially enhance power savings and reduce unwanted light pollution.

LED lighting 5 year warranty
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Extremely energy efficient - up to 140 lm/w

High Luminous flux - up to 21.000 lm

Maintenance flap for quick access to the driver compartment

Excellent heat dissipation and modern design

Slim and compact profile for maximum wind resistance

Durable and long-lasting power driver (flicker-free for models above 50W)

Circuit interrupter for maintenance access

Adjustable installation angel IP65 for all weather conditions

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Daylight sensor and motion sensor available

Daylight sensor can be on the upper side or the downside

Optional 20KV Sure Protection upgrade

CRI 80 Ra available upon request

3pin, 5pin, 7pin NEMA base



Residential roads and streets

Parks and parking lots

Loading areas and sporting venues

LED street light sizes

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