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Electrical installation, design, testing & lighting services for the commercial & industrial sectors

Lightsave LED provide electrical installation, design and lighting solutions to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. 

Our electricians work on all types of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial projects and we have a continued responsibility to work professionally in order to meet the requirements of our customers and thus maintain and grow the business. 

Our clients can take comfort in the knowledge that all our engineers are trained to the highest standard within their chosen disciplines, and are led by an experienced team of directors who themselves are highly qualified. Lightsave LED have built a successful reputation that is centered on customer care and satisfaction. 

The electrical division delivers electrical design, installation, maintenance and testing for the industrial and commercial sector. We have considerable experience of project delivery, from small to the more complex projects. Our electrical services are tailored to meet the expectation of each individual client.

Why choose us? Customer service and a high quality finish is very important to us. We listen to our customers, offer sound advice and have experience working to strict deadlines. We are professional, friendly, reliable and our rates are very competitive.

The main sectors we cover include:

  • Commercial Services (Private & Tender Projects)
  • Industrial Services (Private & Tender Projects)
  • Contracting (Tender & Sub Contracting Projects)

Our team of specialist engineers offer:

  • Industrial and commercial electrical installations.
  • Electrical design, build and installation.
  • Installation, maintenance and testing.
  • Emergency lighting design and installation.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Maintenance contracts.

LED Lighting Installation, Design & Testing

We are registered members of ECA, NICEIC, CHAS, and Construction Line; this allows us to keep up to date with ever-changing technology and regulations. Lightsave LED also carry the government Trustmark logo for electrical installations.

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Why switch to LED?


In the course of meeting our new clients to discuss matters of saving energy, many interesting statistics arise. The cost or equipment rental for example, cited by one potential retailer as £900,000.00 per year, just on lifting equipment, brings home the true cost of maintenance.

LED lighting significantly reduces the cost of maintenance, principally due to the extraordinary lamp life characteristics of LED’s. These compact cool running devices have continuous lamp lives of greater than 50,000 hours, they rarely need cleaning and keep their colour rendering for most of the lamp life.

True Wattage.

Discharge lighting, be it Fluorescent, Metal Halide, Son T or Sodium lamps all have several negative features in common. They are not as cheap to run and maintain as first imagined. They waste energy in the form of power factor, and it is not possible to predict imminent failure.

LED’s use half the energy of any other type of lamp, they do not waste energy in Pf and their predictable lifetime and behaviour allows for a more sensible attitude to planned maintenance.

Colour Performance.

LED’s offer unrivalled colour renditions! They can be used in a wide variety of applications, have a wide range of colour temperatures to suit food and vegetable colouring, and of course work well in cold environments like chiller cabinets and fridges.

Colour temperature is an overlooked area of commercial lighting and good colour renditioning can improve sales and elongate the life of some foodstuffs.

Lightsave have worked with many customers from large established businesses to start-up ventures.